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The Mud Lite ATV tire by ITP is renowned for its versatility.  It is equally good at mud running as it is at trail riding.  Pure trail tire handling combines with pure mud tire performance.  That's one reason this tire is so popular for the UTV as well.  The unique tread pattern allows consistent center tread contact as well as deep, angled shoulder lugs to deliver superior, trail-friendly handling and a smooth ride with excellent traction.  This is one of the lightest weight mud/trail tires made for the ATV that still boasts a 6-ply rated toughness.  It's computer designed to ITP's exact specifications and made in the USA.  The embossed logo in the tread is a nice touch.

The Mudlite sizes range from AT with a 3/4" deep lug, XL with a 1 1/8" deep lug to the XXL with a 1.3" deep lug.  They are made for 9", 10", 12", and 14" wheel sizes.  The AT sizes are the most trail friendly for smaller ATV or UTV and perfect for riding in areas with tire size restrictions.  The XL is better suited for more mud bogging traction and bigger machines.  The XXL is only available in the taller 30" tires sizes for the biggest or modified ATV or UTV.  There is also a sport type version for sport quads and dune buggies that go on a 9" or 10" wheel.  ITP’S popular Mud Lite tire is now available in two new 25-inch XL sizes. Previously available only as an AT model (shallow lug) in the 25-inch size, the new deep lug XL model provides significantly more performance when conditions become especially challenging. An excellent choice for OEM tire replacement, this new tire comes in 25x8-12 and 25x10-12 sizes.  The Mud Lite XXL provides all the benefits of ITP's standard Mud Lite line, including phenomenal all-conditions traction and handling, exceptional 6-ply durability and a smooth, radial-like ride, but with its taller profile and super-aggressive 1.3-inch-deep lugs, this is an extreme tire for extreme machines in the most extreme conditions.

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